In 1995 in Daujenai Mrs.Vitalija Stankevičienė founded their enterprise „Saimeta“ and started with baking traditional Lithuanian rye-bread according to an old family recipe, using only natural products and wooden gyles.

Near work was evaluated before long and bakery had to be expanded, more equipment was bought. Even when the bakery was growing, the old method of making dough was kept. The idea of baking natural traditional Lithuanian product line was successfully developing in eco-product line. By signing a contract with company “Ekoagros”, “Saimeta” obligated to obey the ecological agricultural rules and obtained a status of an ecological product processing enterprise.

Today all products produced at “Saimeta” contain no chemical substances, and only natural raw materials are used for their preparation, but no synthetical dough improvers.

Since demand of natural products in market is growing, besides bread and confectionary line the traditional Lithuanian bread-drink at “Saimeta” is producing.

“Saimeta” employees ~70 people, which work was rated by great appreciations and awards. As a member of “Tatula” programs, the company has been participating at exhibitions: “Agrobalt” (Vilnius), “Biofach” (Nurnberg), “Grüne Woche” (Berlin). Visitors of Frankfurt book fair and “Lithuanian days” in Brusel, were entertained by Daujenu duona.

All bread and confectionery products are made only using natural raw materials and contain no chemical additives or substitutes. The pure and ecological product is exclusive feature of “Saimeta’s” product line.

All kinds of products – bread, hone – cake, pyramid cake, cookies, cakes – are always fresh, because orders are made and delivered in 24 hours.

Daujenu homemade bread is baked according to an old family recipe from rye meal, rye whole meal and natural sourdough, the fermentation is performed in wooden gyles, without chemical additives. It is certified – ecological.

This natural product retains high quantity of valuable mutrient stuffs, so it is a indispensable healthy food. Fresh baked bread can be freezed, later defrozed keeps fresh until 10 days. At the tasting of Lithuanian food DEGUSTALIT 1st place for best taste was awarded for Daujėnų whoolmeal-bread of “Saimeta”.